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Wedding Trends for 2022 brides

We love that with every year we see more and more interesting & exciting trends. For 2022 we are seeing all new trends that brides are doing.

First trend we are seeing and loving this year is different dessert options. From ice-cream trucks to popsicle stands, to donut bars. We are loving all the delectable and amazing treats.

The next trend we're seeing this year is QR codes. We're seeing QR codes on invitations, RSVP cards and even signage around our brides reception for social media and more. We think this trend is super cool and up to date with 2022.

Our next lovely trend that we have found is unique and special guest details. We're seeing brides write personal notes to each of their guest, include favorite colors or styles with table settings or even adding a sweet quote to their invitation for family and friends. We love these special details for any wedding guests.

Our last trend were mentioning for 2022 is color! We're swooning over the color overload happening this year. From soft pastels to full blown brightness. We're seeing so many different uses and styles for colors in weddings this year.

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