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Pop that champagne it's time for your

Bridal Appointment

The main questions we get with our bridal appointments..

How long do bridal appointments last?

Our appointments last on average a hour and half depending on the bridal entourage , as well as the brides needs for the appointment

Do you really need an appointment?

Yes, we always require an appointment on Saturdays. But secondly when you make an appointment with us, we partner every bride with a seasoned professional for her appointment. When you work with one of our fabulous stylist you will be navigated through your appointment effortlessly with our knowledge of samples, gown structure and more.

How many guest can accompany me for my appointment?

We usually ask everyone to limit to 4 guests, if you would like to have more check out our "private appointments" . Our private appointments are wonderful for large parties.

Please check our new Covid-19 policies on our home page
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