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The story of us...

A little about us...

Great works of art, perfect weddings, even miracles - many of the most fabulous things in life began the way this charming boutique did. With a dream.  

Welcome to Ever's Bridal Boutique, where fabulous happens! I’m Hannah Ever, boutique owner, wedding enthusiast, and big dreamer. Though this little family boutique opened its doors in 2019, I’ve been working to make wedding dreams come true for closer to a decade. It all began with Wedding Dress Me, a bridal shop my mother and I owned for nearly 8 years. After my stepfather passed in 2018, we decided to close its doors. 

It wasn’t long before I realized how much I missed the bridal world and the brides themselves. Each and every bride who stepped into the shop became part of the family. Over the years I’ve been blessed to hear their stories, watch families grow, and witness hearts being healed. I love being a part of it all. There’s something magical about that moment a bride-to-be finds the dress; she just glows, there’s no other way to describe it. 

We invite you to discover and indulge in luxury on your terms. You’ll find everything you need to bring the wedding look of your dreams to life, whether it’s traditional, ultra-glamorous, or trendy and modern. We carry a wide assortment of dresses, from sweet and minimalist to ornate, fully-beaded gowns as well as bridal accessories to give your wedding dress a special finishing touch. 

Ready to find the dress that makes the whole world fall away? Give us a call to schedule your wedding dress fitting. 

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