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Unique Trends 2019

Wedding Trends That Are Unforgettably Unique

In 2019 planning a wedding can be difficult. With so many new trends constantly arising it is hard to decide what is right for your big day. Between color trends, bridal fashion, and floral designs, we have found the most unique trends that will make your day truly unforgettable.

Modern Bridal Hats

This year, brides have been spicing up their look by ditching the traditional veil and replacing them with hats! Whether you are wearing a trendy fedora, a chic floppy hat, or a classic tea party hat, you will have the perfect accessory to complete your wedding day look.

A Pop of Color

Adding some color to any aspect of your wedding is always fun and makes a statement. In 2019, the color rust is trending color of the year! You can even add colors such as, emerald, cornflower blue, a vibrant purple, and so many more! Incorporating bold colors is an easy way to personalize your special day.

Over the Top Floral Designs

Flowers have been apart of weddings since the 15th century. If you are a lover of all kinds of floral designs, then 2019 is the year to let your florist go crazy and create something remarkable that will take you, and your guests breath away. Between giant hanging installations to walls covered in flowers, you can never go wrong.

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